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About Us

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AGMA, the Association of Agents and Managers in Creative Industries of Finland represents agencies and managers working in all creative industries such as design and graphics, publishing, photography, performing arts, music, games and media. We organize events and training, act as a spokesman of our members and actively take part in creative industry business development on a national and international level.

AGMA is an association of companies and professionals. We provide advice on funding and legal issues, events for members (both free and member priced), training, updates of the industry and lobbying to public decision making.

AGMA’s mission is to:

· develop creative industry agents’ and managers’ position in general

· develop the members’ and their clients’ professional skills

· clarify and strengthen the working culture of agents and managers

· broaden the networks for agents and managers both nationally and internationally

Since January 2020, AGMA runs Licensing International Nordics, the Nordic and Baltic chapter of Licensing International.

AGMA was founded in 2009 by an active group of upcoming agents, as a result of a program funded by the European Social Fund.


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