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Online services for members

As a member of AGMA, your membership fee gives you access to the following materials:

  • Model contract (in Finnish)

  • Market studies

  • AGMA logo materials and rules

  • List of AGMA's legal partners (select providers of legal services).

The member page password is sent to you when you become a member of AGMA.

Interested in becoming a member?

Do you work full or part-time as a an agent or manager, or a re you planning to set up an agency? Send your membership application via e-mail, and make sure to include the information listed below. Applications are reviewed and accepted by the board of AGMA in their monthly meetings. We contact applicants promptly after receiving an application.


Company membership

Include the following in your application:

  • the name, address, founding year, and the industry your company operates in, and a short description of your company's activities.

  • the name and contact details of the person(s) you wish to act as your company's contact for AGMA

  • your company's turnover for the previous year

  • Number of staff / number of staff engaged in the roles of agent or manager

  • Number of principals

  • What percentage of the company's turnover comes from acting as agent / manager (provide an estimate, if the exact percentage is not known)

Personal membership

Personal membership in AGMA can be applied for if the applicant is

  • planning to set up a business as an agent or manager OR

  • working in a larger company, the main focus of which is not acting as an intermediary in creative industries, in the role of an agent or manager. 

A personal membership holder cannot be elected to the board of AGMA, but has the right to vote in general meetings. When the holder of a personal membership founds a company, their membership will be automatically converted into a company membership from the beginning of the next calendar year on 1st January.  To apply for a personal membership, send a description of your plan for setting up as an agent or manager, and/or a description of your current role within a larger company.

Membership fees 2023​​

  • staff 1-2 people: 250 € + VAT 0 %

  • staff 3-10 people: 400 € + VAT 0 %

  • staff 10 or more: 600 € + VAT 0 %

  • personal membership: 100 € + VAT 0 %

Membership fees are invoiced in the spring, in one installment.

Partner membership

​As a partnership member your company enjoys specific benefits tailored to you, along with well-focused visibility to the members of AGMA. Partnership members can receive the following:

  • tickets to events organised by AGMA

  • visibility in online, print and other event materials

  • a speaker slot or a stand at an event

  • other benefits can be negotiated separately on a case by case basis

Membership as a partner is valid for 12 months at a time. Send an application or request further information:


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