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Insights into agents and managers in creative industries & related sectors in North America

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This market study covers film and tv, performing arts, literary fiction, and design and is in two parts:

  • Market study describes in writing agents' activity in various creative fields in North America, focusing on New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver as the major hubs of creative industries. Length 56 pages.

  • Contact lists consist of the main players from the listed creative industries from Canada, East Coast of the USA and  West Coast of the USA, a short description of the role of the operator and contact information. The listing includes a total of 260 contacts.

The North America market study and contacts are available to AGMA's members without charge. Contact riitta.aittokallio (a) if you wish to purchase the study in print.

Other Finnish clients will be able to buy the study in print for 50 € + VAT 24% + postage and the contact lists in electronic form for 50 € + VAT 24%. 

For foreign clients, the cost of the study in print is 90 € + VAT 24% + postage and the contact lists in electronic form for 90 € + VAT 24%. Within the EU, the price may be charged from companies without VAT upon separate request.

Orders: riitta.aittokallio (a); Subject field: "North America Market Study"


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