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Ferly appoints United Smile as master toy licensee for Momolu & Friends franchise

Punainen teksti "Ferly"

Ferly, the Finnish animation, publishing, and licensing studio has appointed United Smile as the master toy licensee for Momolu & Friends a property developed and coproduced by Yellow Animation,Atmosphere Media and DGA.

Launched in 2020 and led by Josue Rosenzweig, former joint venture partner and executive at Hasbro, United Smile is a new boutique toy company with a strong network of distributors around the world as well as strong connections in China. United Smile launched its first toyline with True and the Rainbow Kingdom successfully in 2021.

The partnership will see United Smile serve as the master toy company and work with the creators to create a create a best-in-class product line featuring a collection ranging from plush toys, arts & crafts sets, figures, and play sets based on the lovable Momolu & Friends brand. The toys will be launched with leading distributors around the world in 2023.

Laura Nevanlinna, CEO of Ferly, says: “The Momolu & Friends brand is one that is continuing to grow as a universe for kids to enjoy in so many ways, whether they come to it through the animated series, the books, audiobooks, music, or the educational Nintendo Switch game. Through this partnership with United Smile we will be giving preschoolers the chance to play and learn through Momolu & Friends in a range of new, fun and unique ways. We know that Josue and his team at United Smile have an impressive network of distributors who can really bring the wonderful collection of merchandise to kids around the world.”

Josue Rosenzweig, CEO of United Smile adds "The toyline will continue to expand the Momolu universe which already encompasses games, animation and publishing by allowing kids to play with their favourite characters, and also learn new things about arts & crafts."

The appointment of United Smile follows the launch of the Momolu Nintendo Switch game and the commission of the preschool series of Momolu and Friends (78x7’) by TVOKids (Canada), Knowledge (Canada), YLE (Finland), and SRC (Société Radio Canada). It joins Momolu Minis, 41 episodes of short form animation visible on YouTube, Kidoodle.TV and Playkids.

Also in the Momolu universe is the Momolu Learning Game, available globally on the AppStore and GooglePlay and on Nintendo Switch from 2021, as well as Momolu Minis Music on US radio network Pinna.FM, a series of Audiobook Originals with audiobook platform Storytel, and Momolu ebooks on multiple reading platforms including US-based Epic!.



About Ferly

Creating Stories. Building Worlds. Adding Wonder.

Ferly creates extraordinary worlds and tells surprising wonder-filled stories to build brands and IP. Founded in 2017 by former Rovio Executives, its HQ is in Helsinki with teams working in Vancouver, LA and Stockholm.

The Ferly team of animation and brand-building experts specializes in producing beautiful content that captivates and enthrals children and adults alike. To develop stories that are inclusive, representative, and most importantly fun, the global licensing, production and publishing teams work hand-in-hand to create full multimedia franchises for its own and co-produced IP. At the heart of everything it does, Ferly showcases creatives and creators in unusual, unexpected, and wonderful ways to inspire and educate audiences worldwide.

Ferly’s work includes the Momolu & Friends brand (including Momolu Minis), Angry Birds Blues and Angry Birds Bad Piggies. Ferly also represents LOL Surprise, Angry Birds, Masha & The Bear, Molang, Cup of Therapy and more. Several projects are in development including long and short form content with gaming entertainment company Star Stable.

About Yellow Animation

Vancouver, BC, based Yellow Animation Ltd was founded in autumn 2018. The young company is comprised of an experienced team, who has worked in animation for years. The story of the team starts in 2012, when entertainment company Rovio Entertainment decided to produce its’ feature film The Angry Birds Movie in Vancouver, BC. During the years that followed, Rovio hired multiple team members to its Canadian office. Some of those team members decided to start to work with their own story world creation, leading to forming Yellow Animation Ltd.

Yellow is specialized in 360 brand building. We focus on IP development with the aim to create multi-platform brands. The Vancouver animation industry is mainly focused on service work, but according to our team’s experience the real value in the entertainment industry comes from original IP creation. It’s also the most fun part of it! Creation of new story worlds is our passion, and we have the experience and network.

About Atmosphere Media

ATMOSPHERE MEDIA ( was launched in 2018 by Peter Voelkle, who was the founder and former CEO of kids and family programming group TV Loonland AG. Atmosphere develops, produces and co-finances animated series and films and owns and builds international brand franchises. The company is based in Berlin and Zurich. Atmosphere co-owns animation company DIGITAL GRAPHICS near Liège in Belgium and has just opened NEXTFRAMES MEDIA, an animation and VR production and studio outfit, also in Belgium, and located just outside Brussels.

Atmosphere has quickly become a leading investor, producer and content owner in the kids and animation universe and boosts an impressive line-up of up-and-coming brands and productions. Current Atmosphere productions include: JOKER JOE (52x11’, completed 2020; in coproduction with Superprod). ANNA & FRIENDS (78x7’, in completion; in coproduction with Superprod and Digital Graphics). MOMOLU (78x7’, in production, completion 2022, in coproduction with Ferly, Yellow Animation, Digital Graphics). RUFUS THE LITTLE SEA MONSTER WHO COULDN’T SWIM (animated feature, in production, completion 2023, in coproduction with Maipo Film, Norway). BILLY THE COWBOY HAMSTER (52x11’, in production, completion 2023, in coproduction with Dandelooo, NeXtFrames, Belgium and Digital Graphics).

Digital Graphics ( )has provided animation and visual effects services for more than 80 animation and film productions, among them various Oscar and César nominations and international award winners. In 2018, ATMOSPHERE MEDIA became co-owner of DIGITAL GRAPHICS. The company has since increased proprietary productions and co-productions of animation series and films and has quickly become a leading Belgian producer and animation studio.

About United Smile

Launched in 2020, United Smile is a new concept of Boutique Toy Company, that will add value to the studios, providing advice and support in a long term partnership. The talented team behind United Smile has a lot of passion, decades of experience in the toy business worldwide and a strategic relation with China, which allows us to create and develop innovative and engaging products with the highest quality standards. A strong network of distributors around the world have trusted us, including some of the Top Toy Distributors on all continents. We are proud to be a boutique business, based on committed individuals working together with our partners to deliver the best experiences and amazing results. In what we do, TRUST and FUN are at the heart of our business!


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