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Market Study: Insights into agents and managers in creative industries & related sectors in Europe

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The study covers movie and tv, animation, games, circus and theater, design, communication and advertising, literature and licensing and is in two parts:

  • Market study describes in written, agents activity in various creative fields in Germany and in UK. Width 35 pages.

  • Contact lists consists the main players from the listed creative industries from Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain Switzerland, Austria and Netherlands and a short description of the role of the operator and contact information. The listing includes a total of 300 contacts.

The study will be supplemented with a list covering the Nordic countries. The Central European market study and contacts are available for AGMA's members without charge. Other Finnish clients will be able to buy the study in electric form 50 € + VAT 24%/Market Study ja 50 € + VAT 24% / contact lists. For clients from abroad 90 € + VAT 24%/ + 90 € + VAT 24%. Within the EU, the price can be charged from companies without VAT according when separately agreed with AGMA.

Orders: riitta.aittokallio (a); Subject field: "Market Study"


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