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Creative Finland in Tokyo


Online & Offline Trade Event on October 1st, 2021

Program October 1st: 

11:00 JST/05:00 EET - 14:00 JST/08:00 EET

Session 1:

Content Industries of Finland: 8 companies and APFI Finnish audiovisual producers, Finnanimation and FILI - Finnish Literature Exchange. 

14:00 JST/08:00 EET - 17:00 JST/11:00 EET

Session 2:

Design sector in Finland: 12 companies and Ornamo, the national designer's association. 

What was it about?

AGMA took Finnish creative industries to Japan in September-October, 2021, in a hybrid format trade program. We had 20 companies in the last phase of the program from several industries, looking for partners and clients in Japan. We had businesses from content, service and design industries, providing both products and services from their own field of expertise.  

Guests were invited to the trade event in the embassy of Finland, in the exclusive temporary building Metsäpaviljonki, a wooden pavilion built for the Olympic year. Companies pitched to the audience from Finland online. The venue also hosted a showroom for our guests to be able to look and feel some of the products produced by the companies.

AGMA’s one year long project Hitto desu! reached it's final peak on October 1st, 2021, as we organized a hybrid event in Metsäpaviljonki at the embassy of Finland in Tokyo. In this trade event we presented several creative industries and 20 companies.  

Thank you for attending!


Companies that attended the event:

Content Industries:

Central Line Entertainment 


Elina Ahlbäck Literary Agency

Helsinki Literary Agency


Power Animals United




Design sector:


Art Annanolli 


Hanna K Design & Jewellery

Katja Kotikoski Art and Design

KREAM Helsinki

Mai Niemi Design House



Saaristo Living 

UU Market

Young Finnish Design


Industry organizations:

APFI: Film and tv

Finnanimation: Animation

FILI: Literature

Ornamo: Design

AGMA: Agents and managers in CI’s

In co-operation with:

The event was organized with the help of Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland, and Sasakawa Foundation in Scandinavia.

It is produced in co-operation with Business Finland and Finlayson.

Co-production partners: Meeting15GRG and Proglé Branding&Design.

Further information:


Project owner:

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